Espitia Gallery Wynwood Art District 2294 NW 2nd Ave. suite C Miami, FL 33127 (corner of 2nd Ave. and 23rd St)
Espitia Gallery Wynwood Art District 2294 NW 2nd Ave. suite C Miami, FL 33127 (corner of 2nd Ave. and 23rd St)

Why exhibit in "Wynwood" the second most important art district in the world?

Miami receives nowadays the most important contemporary art fairs in the world and Wynwood Art District is the ground where the most prestigious and highest world ranking New York and European galleries have branch venues.


The Wynwood Art District contains over 70 galleries, museums and art collections. The second Saturday night of every month, is “ArtWalk” in Wynwood and the art galleries and studios open their doors to the public for viewing.



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The Best of Wynwood Artwalk


Wynwood welcomed the masses for its February artwalk. With food trucks,open galleries, street shows, and Wynwood's cast of characters, there was plenty to see.



Wynwood Arts District

2294 NW 2nd Ave. suite C

Miami, FL 33127

Phone: (786) 773 4812



Castillogrande calle 5A # 11-86 P2

Telefono:: (57) 310 6504516

Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.



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The skull and bones are not enough to build a body. We are infinitely less physical than that. The soul is revealed through the flesh, though. What happens is that we are not an empty structure, but a house with thousands of halls, with hundreds of rooms. And as in the closest of realities, there are beings living in this house and they are the ones that bring life to it. And it could be, perhaps, that one of these beings finds itself in front of a mirror. He may look at the mirror carefully and gets lost in it.


When two mirrors are facing each other, an infinite number of reflections is created. In the same way, when someone looks at his reflection in a mirror, his reflection will be reflected to himself, and this reflection will reflect the reflecting reflexes of mirrors that exist within. Cosmic music. Chords vibrating in a multidimensional hyperspace.


STRIATUM by Placard



The Artists:

Pepe & Mateo
Pepe & Mateo

PLACARD is a multidisciplinary artistic project created by two young artists and brothers, Pedro Barreto and Mateo Barreto, whose experiences collided into an urge to turn their own universe into the collective consciousness, exploring the hidden dimensions of the human experience and transforming them into opportunities for artistic and audiovisual expression.